Writer of science fiction, maker of jewelry, dream catchers, and videos. I love star gazing and studying quantum physics when I'm not taking care of my little ones.

A Little Writing Retreat

I’m very excited to announce the change in venue for Cascade Writers this year. We are going back to a smaller, more intimate setting, with a view of the Puget Sound. Cascade Writers offers Milford-Style workshopping, a chance to meet professionals in the industry, and opportunities to connect with authors ranging from new to experienced. This year, we are also… Read more →


November is NaNoWriMo, a month for writing a novel. I won’t be keeping track on the official website as I missed four days, but I have written each day and will continue to crank out words until the end of this month. My goal is 70k words. So far, I’ve done 5k. Which means I will be picking up the… Read more →

Me and PTSD

On September 22, as my birthday bell chimes annoyingly loud, screaming that I’ve reached my next year of life, I will have more to celebrate than just my day of birth. It was around this time last year when a friend of mine, in a very nice way, said, “Sorry, Alaina, but this sounds like PTSD.” At first, I was… Read more →

My Writing Process

As Much as I would love to say that I sit down and brainstorm, then create a world, then outline before finally beginning, I don’t do that. It has been suggested that I write a chapter -1, then 0, then the first actual chapter in the novel, but even that hasn’t worked for me. The best way for me is… Read more →

What We Create

There comes a time when the thought, I just need to walk away, enters my head and runs amuck. It can happen with anything. It might be with a person, an employer, something I’m trying to create, it doesn’t matter the cause, because the result is the same. I question myself and my abilities. Don’t get me wrong, walking away from… Read more →

A Day in the Life of an Author

One thing I’m asked a lot is how I balance being a mom, an author, a wife, a graphic designer and social media guru, an artist and all the other crazy things that make up my day, so here you go… I figured giving you a glimpse of my day would be the best way to show you how I… Read more →

What We Learn

After having a discussion with a friend last night about accountability, and how when we aren’t held accountable as kids we grow up to be complete jerks, I got thinking about something that happened when I was young. Being a good parent or mentor doesn’t always mean punishing someone for their actions. Sometimes it simply means serving as an example.… Read more →

Official Release Day!

Here it is! The Heart-Shaped Emblor is officially on sale! For those of you who buy the book today, you can get the eBook for only 99 cents! This deal isn’t going to last, so buy it now if you want the sale price. It is also available in print. :-) Kindle Nook Amazon Print Kobo Soon to be available at most bookstores upon… Read more →

Interview of Cassidy Rae from Dead People See Me

As promised, here is the interview with teen medium Cassidy Rae from the show Dead People See Me. Q. What are your favorite areas to investigate? A. I love to investigate older buildings or places with a lot of history, they usually have a lot of energy.  My favorite places I’ve been to? There are a lot!  Poasttown School in Middletown… Read more →

New Cover Design Here!

Okay all, This is the new cover design for The Heart-Shaped Emblor. Hope you like it! For those interested, the book trailer is here The Heart-Shaped Emblor Trailer. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Read more →